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The Dazheng Stainless Steel Manufacturing Company of Xinghua city was established in 2001, locating in Chinas stainless steel city Dainan,Jiangsu province. Our company is one of the professional manufacturers of pressure vessels components and pipes for industrial and minerals. Our products are widely utilized in petroleum, chemicals, power plant, smelting and paper-making machines, etc.Our production line covers butt-welding seamless joints, t-joints, cross joints, reducing pipes, stub ends subs, pipe covers and flanges, etc, in accordance to gb12459-2005, gb/t13401, mss -sp43(a), asme/ansib 16.9, b16.28, etc.The productions are made of 304, 304l, 316, 316l, 317l, 316ti; duplex stainless steel 2205, 2507; heat and corrosion resistant 310s(2520), 904l, ni-based alloy of inconel, incoloy, hastelloy, monel.For over a decade since establishment, our productions are used by Daqing Oilfield, LSPC, TISCO and other big companies to get highly praised. In recent years, our production goes far to South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey and USA.For all these years, our company insist on practice on promises, quality guarantee rules, posing optical emission spectrometer, mechanical lab, meta

Service Process


The intention of this product customers through online consultation, telephone consultation, customer service staff will be the first time to respond to your request, for your dedicated service.

Professional customer service staff will communicate with you, give you the best stainless steel product solutions.

For your carefully selected the right products to explain, while the depth of communication with customers to listen carefully to the needs of customers, tailored to customers for the needs of users of products.

Engineers give customers precise product details of the map, and give customers explain some of the characteristics and advantages of the product.

The two sides reached a consensus, the customer signed a cooperation agreement with the company to pay the product deposit, the engineers to further deepen the design, provide the program renderings and accurate quotation table.

According to the customer's ideas and requirements, engineers will provide you with the best, professional design and detailed budget, the customer will confirm the program with us after the signing of the project cooperation agreement.

After confirming the design and quotation, the customer signs the product purchase contract.

After the completion of the order, the company began to manufacture products to ensure the perfect industry. To provide customers with the most perfect product.

Customer service will communicate with customers in the production and sales process, the whole process of tracking services, so you buy the comfortable, with the rest assured.

Products to reach customers in the hands of our customer service 7X24 hours of work system for your service. To ensure customer satisfaction.

Regular visits to customers, providing two years of free warranty service, life-long maintenance. Emergency warranty, 24-hour on-site maintenance; other warranty, 48 hours on-site maintenance. Please believe that we are a professional stainless steel products company.

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